I know most people have heard about the word product photography,but need more knowledge and clarifications on the meaning. I will like to explain, first the meaning of product photography.

Product photography which is linked to commercial photography,

it is a form of presenting your product in the best way for customers to patronize.

The need for product photography in your brand is to attract prospective customers.

And also gives room to know the best product quality of your brand.


  1. It will help your brand to get people’s awareness.
  2. A good product attracts customers’ minds because they get to see clear information needed in patronizing your brand.

3. It is the most valuable strategy that can happen to your brand.

4. It gives customers more trust and wanting to buy your product because seeing what they said is believing.

5. It makes products look good for customers to be willing to purchase from. 

6. It creates detailed satisfaction in promoting your products to the right channels.

Belvaphilips imagery is a product photography outfit based in Lagos, Nigeria.

Specialized in commercial/advertising photography, we create amazing images for brands.

I tend to list the importance of product photography because someone once asked and

it really brought me a wider view people especially brands need to know why the product is important for brands.

Brands need to plan and consider who to work with when it comes to product photography.

Planning your product rightly determines how far your product will go in the market. Good images are the only way to persuade customers from buying your brand.

Most brands are yet to understand the importance of why their product needs to look more attractive and appealing to end-users.

The important thing is to consider the factor of making great sales in the market from competitors.

It is very important in brands because it is the determination of your brand to make fantastic sales and can also be a factor in not getting the right customers.

Customers like to see attractive images that portray the quality of what they are buying from your online store.

 In that case, brands need to make sure they go for that professional product photographer like belvaphilips.

To help bring out the best of their brands. to be visible for more sales in the market.

Every entrepreneur needs to understand that the power of a product in the brand is hard to ignore.

Therefore, my explanation above should give more understanding of why product photography is so important.

In other not to lose out on lucrative sales from others.

Product photography did not only testify

to the quality of your product but also serves as a window into your brand.

Belvaphilips, create transparency and trust in delivering top-notch for your brands

to stand out and look more amazing in your brand from others. Furthermore, Images are the key elements of branding and also the first to grab the attention of people.

That makes sense to you right?

Belvaphilips imagery takes into careful consideration in making sure your product looks more of a quality premium standard for customers to view.

We give room for proper negotiation and make clients choose the package they would like to go for, also allowed clients to send in their contents if they have any to share with.

If the other is the case, I create fantastic contents for clients to review

and agree on before going ahead to shoot.

We have worked with a lot of brands in Africa and are known for creative and impeccable delivery.

Once your product is being shot properly of high quality, it can be used across all of the different channels.

Images say a thousand words to a brand’s product

and also attract people to know the particular product one is promoting/selling.